Welcome to The Way of the Blade

By Zechariah Rogers

I started this blog for you. If you want to win daily and improve yourself then you are in the right place. My goal is to provide you with the tools to adopt a warrior mindset to your everyday life. If you are military, a first responder, athlete, or just interested in improving your life then this blog was made with you in mind.

What to Expect

If you are seeking self-improvement and are looking for practical ways to do it, you will be at home here. You will be joining me on a journey of applying the warrior mindset to daily life and how to live with intention and purpose. I will be focusing on the three parts of the warrior; the mind, body, and spirit. Sometimes these things overlap each other, but I feel that they should be talked about separately. In my blog I will be writing series of articles on these three topics.

In addition, you will expect to see reviews on products that I find useful in my daily life (and if you agree that the product is useful you can use the links to Amazon to purchase them to benefit this blog and yourself).  Also, I will be giving updates on my goal to raise $1000.00 to donate to the Semper Fi Foundation.

The reason I chose the Semper Fi Foundation is because I am an active duty Marine. My blog is not endorsed by the Marine Corps and is my own personal blog, I am seeking to share the wisdom of lessons I have learned so far.

My Story

I started this site in January of 2018 after about a year and a half of blogging haphazardly to share my feelings on what it means to be a warrior. However, I am a ground supply officer by trade which is somewhat ironic. I joined the Marine Corps to avoid a desk job and I still wound up in a desk job. Being an officer in the Marines is the greatest honor I have ever experienced. Being a warrior requires being in a war. For me, I can only attempt to adopt the mindset of a warrior in preparation for war. This blog is my way of exploring what it means to have the warrior mentality. I know that most people are not preparing to go to war, but the discipline that comes with that preparation can be taught and used to the benefit of all people.

Please join me on this journey and subscribe to my blog! In addition, I will donate any profits from purchases you make to the Semper Fi Fund or use the “Donate” buttons found on this blog to help me reach my goal of raising $1000.00 for the Semper Fi Fund.