The Body of A Warrior Part Two

The Body of A Warrior Part Two

My Body Weight Journey

I think that most people think of action movies or the CrossFit Games when they think about the body of a warrior. The standard for fitness and for my physical appearance in the Marine Corps is high. I always looked down on Marines or even other service members that I considered “fat” or overweight. Since I am 69 inches tall (5’9”) my weight limit is 186 pounds. Pretty much since I checked in to my first unit I struggled to stay under that weight limit.

I would have to cut weight by spending dangerous amounts of time in the sauna, eating very little for days, and taking pills to lower my water weight. However, I never thought of myself as “fat” because I could “make weight”. The truth is that I walked around at 190 to 200 pounds on any given day. I was overweight by the Marine Corps standards and frankly, I was fat.

This photo was taken about one week after I had started working with Team WAG. I clearly do not look happy about where I’m at.

What Changed

This past summer I had a particularly tough time cutting from 200 pounds down to under 186 so I could make weight. I had to cut weight for about a week which entailed taking water pills, eating ground turkey and asparagus, and hours of cardio and sauna. Finally, I realized that I had to change something, because I couldn’t continue to cut weight just to create an illusion of not being overweight. I went to Team Working Against Gravity for help. Erin (my wife) and I knew a friend of ours that we met on Camp Lejeune that had received nutrition coaching from them and then transitioned to working for Team WAG. So, I went on the website and got on their waiting list.

Team WAG

I started working with Team WAG this past June. In fact, my first week with my Coach, Josh Holton, was the week that I made weight after my dramatic weight cut for my semi-annual weigh in. It took me a few months to get down below 186 pounds, but I did it. Currently, I have been fluctuating between 169-172 pounds. I am more than happy with where I am and wouldn’t mind losing maybe a couple more pounds, but generally I feel good about where I am at physically.

Team WAG is a macro nutrient-based diet, so I am required to take in a set number of carbohydrates, fats, protein, and fiber each day. In addition, I am required to weigh and measure all my food and track my food intake with an application on my phone. The structure that this system provided me is exactly what I needed to get the consistent and healthy weight loss that I was looking for. Most importantly, having to check in each week with my coach kept me accountable.

My Weight Loss History

Age Four to 18

When I was younger I was a skinny little kid. My weight gain started after I moved to Delaware from the West Coast. At the time, I think that the stress of the move combined with being in a new place with very few friends caused me to turn to eating and video games to cope. I loved ice cream and video games particularly. Of course I still love ice cream, but I’ve grown out of playing video games.

In middle school I was a chubby kid without much confidence. I constantly walked around looking at my feet and I had no self-confidence. That all changed during my freshmen year of high school. I played less video games and started playing sports. Specifically, I played soccer in the fall and then in the spring I started playing lacrosse for the first time. By the end of the school year I had lost 20 pounds. My confidence went up and I started to make more friends.

College to the Marine Corps

Fast forward to the end of college. I was still in pretty good shape because of lacrosse and CrossFit. However, I started to get out of shape once I joined the Marine Corps and began my active duty career. I think the combination of a slowing metabolism and business of working full time were the two main factors. In college I could work out all the time, sleep whenever I wanted, and eat healthy. Working full time requires much more focus and attention to your workout schedule, diet, and sleep. As a result, I started to put on weight and get out of shape. I did not get fat overnight and I did not lose the weight overnight either.

The Past Year

I have put in about seven months of discipline and work to lose the weight and get to the point I’m at now. For me, I understand that a macro-based diet has been effective in helping me reach my weight loss goals. This doesn’t mean I’m now off the hook. Counting macros is a part of my life now. I do not think that I can go back to eating like I did. Mostly because I want to avoid putting the weight back on. Also, I like the limits that the diet places on my eating habits. There is enough flexibility in my diet so that I can have tacos, donuts, and pizza if I want. However, there is also enough structure that I can maintain my diet and still look good.

The End Result

I look better than I have ever looked. I am also within the Marine Corps’ standards. Additionally, I feel like I am a faster runner. Right now, I am just looking forward to beach season and being able to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. My weight is under control and now I have a real reason to be confident and feel good about myself rather than being in denial. I am ever grateful to Team WAG and I wish I had started working with them sooner.


The results of my weight loss as of a couple weeks ago. It’s also striking to see how much happier I look in this photo compared to the one above.

A Reminder

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