Danner Men’s Bull Run 8-Inch Review

Danner Men’s Bull Run 8-Inch BRN Cristy Work Boot

Over the next several weeks I am going to review some of my favorite personal items that I think make a difference in my day to day life. While I know boots are not the best things for our feet (check out Foot Collective’s website for more information). I still believe that every person needs a solid pair of boots in their lives. I might be biased because of my military background, but there is a time and place for putting on your boots and going to work. Whether that be fun work or not so fun, quality boots are essential and the Danner Men’s Bull Run fit the bill perfectly.


The Danner Men’s Bull Run are not terribly complex boots compared to other kinds of boots, but they are made simply and put together well. They feature unlined full-grain leather upper, Minimal break in time, lightweight construction, and a Vibram outsole that is also electrical shock resistant.


The Danner Men’s Bull Run is designed for workers in warmer climates. However, I am a big fan of boots and these Danners are functional and handsome. I wanted a boot that looked good and also could be used for a variety of tasks like yard work, odd jobs, and even some light hiking if desired. My lovely wife purchased these boots for me from Amazon for Christmas. These boots are roughly $200.00 on Amazon depending on your shoe size and the vendor that has them in stock. I found that they fit pretty true to size for me.


  1. The boots look great: They are a beautiful dark brown and look just as good on your feet as they do in the photos.
  2. Short break in time: Boots generally have a break in time and these boots are no different. However, I was impressed at how short the break in time has been.
  3. Comfortable: Even out of the box prior to break in they were comfortable and have only improved since then. I anticipate that as time goes on these boots will age well.


      1. These boots are not waterproof: I have been using these boots in the snow and ice. Recently I have cleared snow from my sidewalks and driveway. They held up well but I do recommend spraying some sort of leather friendly water repellent on the boot since after a few hours of work the melted snow started to soak the upper of the boots a little bit. However, my feet did stay dry. Probably because it was really too cold for a lot of snow to melt.
      2. Hooks instead of eyelets for the boot laces. I prefer eyelets to the hooks for the laces, but the hooks do provide for a good fit each time you wear the boots, but I like the eyelets because I think it makes the boots faster and easier to put on.
      3. It is real leather. These boots will require maintenance. For example, the salt has to be cleaned off of these things (I used this YouTube video) and once you do that the leather will probably dry out. I also recommend getting some sort of leather food for these boots to keep them looking new and keep the leather healthy (see below for an example). Worth the extra time and cost in my opinion.

      Final Thoughts

      I’m not a construction worker, but I have worn many different kinds of boots. These are probably the most comfortable and fashionable boots that I have ever worn. Even though they are not waterproof and not designed for the cold they have held up well in sub freezing temperatures and the snow that we have experienced here in the north east. These boots are now my go to boot for everyday wear and any work tasks that I want to complete. If I could, I would wear these instead of my military boots.

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