New Year Resolutions

My Resolutions

Normally, I have never been big on new year resolutions. However, over the past few years I have found that the months of January and February are good times to set goals for the year after the business of the holiday season has died down. Starting with Veteran’s day in November and finally ending with New Years Eve there is a lot going on. For this year I want to stick to the theme of this blog and focus on a single goal for the mind, body, and spirit. There is one additional goal I have outside of those three that I’ll discuss below.


For the mind I want to get a B or better in my masters classes this year. I started working on my masters in business administration through Liberty University around this time last year. I can take up to six courses a year. If I can take at least five with maybe one break I think that would be a good goal for next year.


I have made the goal of completing a GoRuck Heavy this year. This past summer I did my first GoRuck event at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. It was the GoRuck Tough, a 12 hour event. It was definitely a beat down and this year I want to do their 24 hour Heavy event. I’ve already changed up my workout program at home to incorporate more heavy carries in my workouts to get my body ready for it. To go hard for 24 hours is a mental game, but I’ll do whatever I can to prepare physically.


I want to commit to attending church at least twice a month. This is a huge challenge for my family since I have to be at work for drill weekend at least once a month and then the other weeks of the month can get busy pretty easily since we often travel to my parents or my in-laws house on the weekends. I feel that two times a month is a reasonable goal with Matthew and Michael (my sons who are both under three years old) it makes things tough to manage to get the whole group to go to church.


While most resolutions are about improving yourself I wanted to start a tradition of focusing on giving as a resolution. This year I want to use this blog to raise $1000.00 dollars for the Semper Fi fund. I think that $1000.00 is a reasonable amount to raise for the entire year. I could go bigger with this goal, but I’ve never really done any kind of fund raising before and I wanted to keep my goal achievable. If I meet this goal early I can adjust this goal, but I will be placing donation buttons on the various pages of this blog and also in my emails to readers to encourage giving to achieve this goal. In fact, if you are able please use the “Donate” button below to give to this cause. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

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