The Mind of A Warrior Part One

The mind of a warrior part one

The Mind of A Warrior Part One

Yes this is my desk.

I could lie and say my desk is normally more organized, but it almost always looks like this.

Constant Education and Self-Improvement

In the mind of a warrior part one the man focus will be education and self improvement. In many ways training the mind and developing the warrior mindset is all about education. We know that the cliche of “the more you know the more you have to learn” is true in many ways. As a result, every day needs to be viewed as an opportunity to learn and grow the mind. I believe that seeking constant education and self-improvement is the path to the mind of a warrior.

The Mind of A Warrior: Education

I know that education is important and I was fortunate that my parents taught me that. My parents convinced me to go to college and get a degree (from this school). However, formal education is only one means of obtaining knowledge. Now that I am in a professional world I am turning to other means of education.

Formal Education

If you are reading this and you do not have a formal degree (vocational or from a university), then I would encourage you to find a way to get a degree. I firmly believe that the cost of higher education is outrageous, but that a four year degree is possible to obtain without spending 100K on a big state school or university. The experience of a formal education does set you up for the real world in some ways. However, many skills cannot be learned in a classroom or a book. Where formal education lacks, an informal education picks up the slack and fills the holes.

Informal Education

In my opinion, an informal education is what is learned outside of the classroom. The range of methods and topics outside of a classroom are almost unlimited and also overlapping in many cases. For example, I can read books in my spare time on philosophy as well as listen to a podcast on the subject while also taking a class on philosophy. In this way, I combine formal and informal education to learn the subject of philosophy. Books, podcasts, blogs, videos, and other mediums provide me the means to educate myself on any subject that I desire. In order to reinforce learning and truly master a subject I combine the informal education with a formal education.

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In the case of my job or profession I am learning while doing my job. However, I can also learn about my job as I perform it by attending seminars, reading professional magazine, or using other materials to learn in my free time. This method allows me to become more proficient at my profession quickly by incorporating lessons from informal education into my every day work.

However, I have found that there is never enough time in the day to read as much as I want or to listen to podcasts or take courses that would benefit me. I have had to become creative when it comes to making time for my own informal education.


Every day I read, write, listen, and speak as part of a daily self-improvement routine. I read for for at least five minutes a day. Usually I read just enough to get through about 10 pages of whatever book I am reading. In a month that’s a 300 page book. Some days I read more or less than others, but generally I have found that I always have time to read for about 5 minutes. I also write every day. Usually, I just write a page in my journal. At the minimum I just write down anything that pops into my head. I could write down what I have to do for the day or how I am feeling at that moment. My journal is informal and designed to take up little time.

Next, I listen to podcasts every day. I get up around 0400 every day so I can get into the garage gym by 0500. While I am getting ready and brewing my coffee I am listening to podcasts. Even once I get into the garage gym I usually listen to podcasts while I’m working out. Then, in the car on my 45 minute drive to and from work I listen to podcasts. On a typical work day I listen to roughly three hours of podcast audio. Finally, I use the Duo Lingo app on my phone to work on my Spanish. I usually do this early in the morning or during lunch.

The four techniques of reading, writing, listening, and speaking have allowed me to stay committed to self-improvement. I do not commit a lot of time to these things, but have found time to spend a few minutes here and there on each one with podcasts being my biggest time commitment due to the ease of consuming the medium. Between the reading, writing, and language practice I spend about 15 to 20 minutes a day on those three things. I feel that every person could easily make 15 to 20 minutes of time in their day to commit to informal education and self improvement.

Last, but Not Least

I encourage you to make daily improvement a part of your life. Little changes to your daily routine will pay big dividends down the road. In the same way that putting a dollar a day in savings will add up over time, so will daily education and self-improvement. For me, my focus is using discipline to develop and commit to a daily practice in order to sharpen the mind, body, and spirit. Having the mind of a warrior is a daily practice and it does not have to require a lot of effort to do. I hope you enjoyed the mind of a warrior part one. Please subscribe to the blog so you can receive part two next month.

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