Way of the Blade Part Two

Way of the Blade Part Two: Toughness and Family

In many ways I feel that this “Way of the Blade Part Two” is a way to try and explain to myself the direction of my writing. You can go and read Part One here. For this Part Two I really wanted to talk about my family mostly. It’s just really hard being in a family. Even if you’re not Dad or the husband in the family. Very much worth it, but a lot of work. However, I have done some tough things in my life. Anything from moving across the country from Vancouver, WA to Bear, DE when I was 10 years old to Officer Candidates School to being a father and husband. None of these things are easy things to do and be.

Life Advice From Dad

I always remember growing up that my dad would tell me “It only gets harder from here”. Of course, I would think to myself “thanks for the heads up Dad”. Seriously, what exactly was I supposed to do with that? However, now that I’m older and I have all those responsibilities that my Dad warned me about I am starting to understand what he meant. When I was young my problems were small. I just wanted to talk to girls, play lacrosse, and do well in school. Not always in that order. Now I worry about being a good father, husband, and Marine. Life is tougher now and shows no signs of slowing down. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Blessings of Being Married

Why Get Married

I see some men that think they could live without their wife, but I know I am not one of those men. The reason I married my wife because I need her in my life to be successful. I don’t think I can ever really do enough to show my wife how much I need her. Just basic things like companionship and being able to give good advice to my issues. As I get older I realize that the more I tell her, the more I get out of the relationship. For example, I never used to talk about my job with her much. Now I try to do it as much as I can.

I think that when I talk to her about work we both learn from it and the conversation makes both of us more invested in what I do on a daily basis. Even more important is to tell her when things are not going well. I think this is important for two reasons. First, my wife is there to support me and take care of me. She wants me to be successful and if I am not doing well she is able to put my situation in perspective. Second, I do not want to blind side her if something bad does happen at work and she didn’t know about it.

The Struggle

I trust her now with my struggles more than I ever did and I am reaping huge benefits from her support. I used to think that I did not want to worry her with my issues, but sharing my issues with her only allows us to get through a tough situation together as a team. The benefits of having the person to lean on are evident in my opinion.

As strange as this sounds I think I understand how much benefit I get from being married now, more than I ever did before. I am pretty sure no man fully understands the benefits of having a wife until they are married. While I have learned a lot lately about myself and what it means to be a husband I still have so much to learn. Unfortunately for my lovely and patient wife, I am a slow learner.


I have two boys and I thank God for them every day. My real concern is making as much time for them as I can each day. During the week I only get a few hours to be with them because of my work schedule I am leaving the house shortly after they wake up and getting home only a few hours before they go to sleep. I will not always have them in my house so every day I have the goal of trying to teach them and love them. I am not a perfect Dad and I do not try to be, but I only hope they can understand someday that I only do the best I can.

Each day with the two boys is an adventure. Matthew is my oldest and he is full of energy. I cannot wait for the weather to turn for the better so that we can get outside more often and burn off some of his energy. The boys and I can only handle so much cold weather before it is time to get outside.

Life is Good

Yes I have more responsibilities than I ever did. However, I would not change a thing. Each day I spend with my wife and the boys is a huge blessing. I always feel the pressure to be the best that I can be every day. Even though I fall short of where I want to be, I enjoy the journey with my family.

Way of the Blade Part Two

One Month In

I started this blog about a month ago. For this Way of the Blade Part Two I feel that part of the reason I am writing is to give my family and friends the credit they deserve for helping me get to this point. Without them Way of the Blade Part Two does not exist. In fact, this whole blog wouldn’t exist without the people in my life that motivate me to be better. However, Progress has slowed down since the end of January because my online classes started up again for my Masters in Business Administration. I enjoy the challenge of working towards my masters, but it is time consuming. Sadly, time is something that I do not have a lot of. Thankfully, my wife is good about making me work on my homework and encouraging me to get things done. I will still be attempting to post at least one article a week, but I make no promises. If you like what I am doing and agree with what I am writing here then please show your support via the donate button, purchasing apparel, or by just sharing this blog with friends.

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