Way of the Blade

How Did I Get Here?

Why start this blog? and more importantly, why “Way of the Blade”? I am an active duty Marine that joined the Marines so that I could go kill bad guys. Or at least that’s what I thought. In reality, I like many of my peers sit behind a desk in an administrative role with mind numbing responsibilities. I am not diminishing the importance of my work. With the understanding that being a ground supply officer is important to supporting those Marines that go and do the hard work. However, I struggle to justify the idea of “every Marine a rifleman” or “every Marine a warrior”. Mostly because those statements are just not that accurate.

Warriors go to war and do warrior things. In my Marine Corps career I can say with relative confidence that I can count on never being in a combat situation. I’ll never say that it would never happen. However, this frustrates me since that’s what I joined the Marines to do. Sadly, officers are promised no job in the Marines, unlike other branches, so here I am, a keyboard warrior.

All that being said I still firmly believe that I can draw inspiration and direction from the idea of the warrior and what it means to adopt a warrior mindset and a warrior’s way of life. That’s why I started this blog. I want to explore what it means for people like me to still maintain a warrior mentality even though I may never be called upon to be a warrior.

Where Am I Going?

The warrior has three parts in my mind. The warrior has the body, mind, and spirit. I think starting with those three parts is the best way to describe what a warrior is and what it truly means to have a warrior mentality and approach. Training those three things to be sharp and disciplined is key to success in life and in war. In short, my goal for starting this blog is to define “the Way of the Blade” and what it means to have the mentality of a warrior.

Way of the Blade

The Journey Ahead

Come with me on this journey. I may be stuck in a climate controlled office, but I’m still a Marine. What I do makes a difference for my fellow Marines that are out there doing the dirty work our nation requires. Explore with me what the way of the blade means.


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